Southern Water and One Bill customers currently pay a wastewater standing charge for properties connected to public sewers, which includes an amount for disposing of surface water.

Surface water is rainwater which runs off roofs and paved areas, and also includes water that drains to the public sewer. The surface water drainage charge covers the cost of taking away and treating this water and includes water that flows through gutters or which simply runs into the road and ends up in their sewer.

If the surface water from your property goes to a soakaway and none of it enters the public sewers, you can claim a rebate backdated to 1 April 2015 (if eligible). To claim a rebate please complete our online form below. In some cases, we may ask for evidence that the soakaway is in situ.

Please note, we will only use the information you provide below to process your application for a rebate/allowance.



Apply for a surface water rebate

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