We continually test the water we supply to our customers to ensure it is clean, fresh and healthy

However, during its journey to your taps there are a number of ways in which the appearance of your water can be affected and occasionally it can become discoloured.

The most common cause of discolouration is a change in the flow or pressure within the pipes - for example as a result of a burst main. The change in pressure can dislodge tiny deposits such as iron or manganese, which may turn the water brown for a short period.

Whenever possible we seek to stop this problem before it occurs, flushing pipes before we work on the mains, to minimise the likelihood of your water changing colour.

Your water may also appear cloudy, or white, on occasion. This is usually nothing more than air bubbles which may enter your water due to a fault in your plumbing. The bubbles will disappear if the water is left to stand.

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