Get ready for winter

As the temperature drops we make sure that we’re wrapped up warm, but how many of us make sure our home is wrapped up too?

Frozen water pipes can lead to winter misery if they become blocked and potentially burst as they thaw.

Just a few simple steps to wrap up your home by insulating water tanks and pipes can prevent water pouring through ceilings damaging buildings and furniture.

Here at South East Water we have similar problems with our own water mains during cold weather, but while we have teams out repairing our burst pipes in the ground, a few simple precautions can help you prevent the misery caused by burst pipes in your home.

Top tips to prevent frozen pipes

Pipe insulation (lagging):Wrap up for winter 7 (247 x 182).jpg

Insulating pipes is one of the cheapest and simplest things you can do to protect both your outdoor and indoor pipes.

All good DIY stores sell waterproof foam pipe insulation and the general rule is the thicker the insulation, the more protection you will have.

We recommend that you chose WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved waterproof foam insulation as you can be assured it has been fully tested.

You can insulate pipes yourself, our short video below explains how it can be done, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, contact a Water Safe registered plumber who will be able to help.


Other top tips to prevent frozen pipes include:

• Repairing dripping taps
• If you are away, leaving the heating on low or drain down the system
• Checking loft insulation is in good condition
• Leaving loft doors open to allow warm air to circulate
• Checking the internal stop tap will turn off in an emergency
• If a pipe bursts turning off the water and central heating
• Keeping the number of a Water Safe plumber on hand.
• Making sure you have adequate insurance covering plumbing and drainage emergencies

Helping others

When you’re checking your pipes, why not mention what you’ve been doing to friends, family and neighbours.

Insulating pipes can easily be forgotten when you’re preparing your home for winter, but repairs can be extremely costly if a pipe freezes and bursts.

Further information:

Wrap Up for Winter leaflet