Using water wisely

Like all water companies, we depend on rain for the water we supply to you. 

DropIn recent months, there's been a lot less rainfall than normal, which means the water in our aquifers (natural underground water reservoirs) and rivers that we use to supply your water has dropped below average.

This is important as 75% of the water we supply to you comes from underground sources.

What you can do to help:

We offer free practical advice and water saving devices to help you save water, energy and money (click here for water-saving freebies). If you use less water you're likely to save on your energy bills too!

According to the Energy Saving Trust, approximately 21% of household heating bills relate to heating water for showers, baths and hot water taps.

Here are a few things you can do in the home:

  1. Ditch the hose pipe

    Instead of using the hosepipe to wash the car, why not use a bucket and sponge? A hosepipe can use up to 1,000 litres of water in an hour.Take a shower instead of a bath

  2. Take a (quick) shower instead of a bath

    The average shower uses 30 litres of water, whereas a bath uses 80 litres. Just remember to keep your showers nice and short (we recommend five minutes)

  3. Turn the top off when brushing your teeth

    A running tap can use six litres of water per minute! By switching it off, the average family of four could save £36 on their bill (if metered) per year

  4. Get yourself a water butt

    Make the most of the rain that falls during this dry period and install a water butt to help water your garden

For more top tips, click here.

What we’re doing:

Over the last two years we have made significant investments in driving down leakage whilst helping our customers use less water. Our initiatives include:

Reducing leaks

This is a top priority for us and our customers. In addition to achieving current savings, we are pursuing a programme to reduce leakage from our pipe network to 10% by 2040.

We'll do this through better monitoring, managing water pressure in our network and responding rapidly to repair our mains when leaks are found.

The Customer Metering Programme which completes in 2020, has also helped us identify and repair leaks from customer-side pipework. 

Supporting our customers to use water wisely

We are continuing to help our customers reduce their water use by encouraging them to adopt positive behaviours and to install water saving devices that we offer to them free of charge (see above for the link to water-saving freebies).

We also promote these on our website, through our metering programme, in billing communications, by attending community events and working in partnership with other like-minded organisations in our area.

Customer Metering Programme

Our Customer Metering Programme helps make consumers more mindful of the water they use. In turn it helps us understand water use behaviour and how we can support our customers to make every drop count.

We know our customers not only consider metering to be the fairest way to pay, but have taken action to use water more efficiently, resulting on average in a 15% drop in water consumption per property.

The graphic below shows what work we're doing to secure water supplies for current and future customers.




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