Save water with FREE gadgets

Water saving tips

We want to help you to use less water, so we have a few great gadgets to help you do just that – available FREE.

Below are a couple of examples of the devices on offer. To see more of the gadgets available go to or phone Savewater on 0845 658 0066* and we will pop the item in the post to you. 

Toilet flush saver

Save up to 1.2 litres of water EVERY flush.

Simply put the flush saver into the toilet cistern for instant water saving. It's clean, it's efficient, easy to install and maintenance-free.

The flush saver cannot be used with a dual flush toilet. If you have a dual flush system, simply use the light flush whenever possible.

Shower timer

Spending one minute less in the shower can save you up to £120 a year in water and energy bills (based on a the cost for a family of four).

Showers use a lot of water. By cutting the time spent showering you can save money on water an energy.

Four minutes in a shower is all we really need to keep clean, The timer will help you keep track of how long you shower.


Waterstick is a moisture probe that senses when the time is right to water house plants. Simply place the Waterstick into the roots of a plant and it will slowly indicate whether the soil is moist or dry. The Waterstick has a small window that will change colour depending on the moisture in the soil.

When the window shows blue there's enough water, when it shows red it's time to water your plant.

Toilet leak detection tablets

Save money and save water by detecting silent leaks with this pack of two dye tablets. The dye tablets are used to simply identify leaks in the toilet that can waste water.

Simply drop tablet in the toilet cistern and in a few moments you'll know if your cisterns leaking into the toilet bowl. There's no mess and the dye will disappear in a few flushes.

* Calls from a BT landline cost 5p per minute; other providers may charge more. Mobile operators' charges may be considerably more and can be as high as 40p per minute.