About water meters

On a water meter you only pay for the water you use so you're able to take control of your bills. We believe this is a fairer way to pay for water services and households on a water meter also tend to use less water. 

This means we can conserve water and protect our valuable countryside and wildlife because we can take less water out of the environment.

Water meters also help us to detect leaks — the meter technology we are using will help us detect and find more potential leaks and get these resolved more quickly.

If your water supply is metered, you'll also pay sewerage charges to Southern Water or Thames Water, based on the amount of water you have used, which may be more cost effective.

In 2017 our Customer Metering Programme will continue on a street-by-street basis installing water meters for all customers, where possible. If you are in the following areas you will most likely be included automatically.

The programme will be reaching the following main towns/cities and the surrounding areas:


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