Water meters

Water meters record all the water used in a home – for drinking, washing, flushing the toilet or in the garden – and households with a meter pay only for the water they use, plus a standing charge for network connection.

Our Customer Metering Programme

We are installing water meters for the majority of our customers between now and 2020, because households on a meter use, on average, 10 per cent less water than those not metered and this will help secure resources for the future.

In 2017 the Customer Metering Programme will read the following areas:


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Choosing to have a water meter

If you are not in the areas listed above, you may wish to choose to have a water meter installed early, as some households can save money on their bills on metered charges.

Water meters are installed free of charge and can also help you save energy and cut heating bills as you start to make water savings around your home and garden.

The first step is to work out how much your household uses and you can do this using our online calculator tool.

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