Beware bogus callers

Bogus1.jpgIf in doubt, keep them out!

Bogus callers often pretend to be from the "water board" to gain entry to homes.

You must never let anyone in to your home unless you are sure they are who they claim to be.

Whenever possible, we will contact you to make an appointment before visiting.

However, sometimes if there is an emergency or we need to carry out water quality tests for regulatory reasons, we won’t be able to.

South East Water staff wear distinctive uniforms and drive vehicles with our logo on to help you identify them as genuine.

Remember there is no such thing as “the Water Board” any more and our staff will say they are from South East Water.

They also carry photographic identity cards. Employees from South East Water will always be happy to wait if you want to check their credentials.

Be stranger AWARE when a caller claims to be from South East Water:


Attach your door chain and use the eyehole before answering your door.

W Water company staff always carry identity cards. Ask the caller for proof of identity. Check it carefully but keep the chain on.
A Always look at the caller’s clothing. Our staff wear a distinctive uniform. Look for a company vehicle with South East Water’s name on it.
R Remember, if in doubt keep them out and contact either South East Water’s bogus caller telephone line 0333 000 2244 or the police.
E Employees from South East Water will always be happy to wait if you want to check their credentials.

You can also ask our staff to quote your security password if you have set one up – fill in the form below to register your password.

Password Scheme

People often let callers into their homes without knowing who they have let in or why. This makes it easier for bogus callers to commit their crimes.

We offer a password scheme when our employees visit your home to give you that extra peace of mind. Only you and our genuine employees, who will also carry photographic ID cards, will know what that password is. Please contact us with your contact details so we can make this arrangement with you.

To register for our Password Scheme enter your details below or call our dedicated Bogus Caller line on 0333 000 2244.

Enquire about our Password Scheme

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Priority Service Register: for customers with additional needs

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