Payment plans

If you're on a water meter and choose to make monthly payments, you'll be placed onto a measured payment plan.

This means your account will be reviewed every six months and you will continue to pay a set monthly amount. More information is available below.

Measured Payment Plan

As you'll be billed in arrears, your monthly payment plan will work as a ‘Pay as you Go’ payment. Each monthly payment you make will build up a credit balance on your account (if you start with a zero balance), which means that when you receive your water bill, the credit that you've built up should be enough to cover the balance on your water bill. Your payment plan should be reviewed in line with each bill that is received.


We'll work out your monthly payment amount based on your previous usage at the property. This will be based on previous meter readings that we have taken and an average will be calculated. This average will be multiplied by the current tariff price and the standing charge will be added on. The total amount will be divided by the number of payments that will be made between this date and the date of your next bill.

Existing Credit or Debit Balance

Your payment plan will vary if there's a credit or debit balance on your account. If you have a credit balance, the credit will be deducted from the amount before being divided over the number of payments. If you have a debit balance, the amount will be added onto the bill amount before being divided into monthly payments.

Following the calculations, your monthly payments may need to increase to cover your current balance and future charges; this may be due to a debit balance on your account. To help you with this increase, we will set your payments at a lower level than that required. Your payment plan will not increase by more than £5.00 at each review we do. This means the balance will be paid off gradually. The amount you pay will be reviewed again on your next bill. If you wish to increase your monthly payments or clear your balance before your next review, please contact us.

If your payment plan is set up or reviewed outside of your bill month

We'll calculate the water charges from the last reading date up to the date of the payment plan review, we will then estimate what the charges would be for the next six months and add them together. This value is then divided by six to calculate a suitable, continuous, monthly payment amount.