Water update

Water is essential to healthy life and our survival. Our bodies rely on water to hydrate us, while our food sources need water to grow.

Water is also vital in our day to day living for washing, powering electricity plants, supporting our natural environment, sewage treatment and firefighting. It also provides leisure activities such as swimming, fishing and sailing.

Each day, South East Water takes more than 540 million litres of water from the environment and supplies it to around 2.1 million customers in the South East. This water is taken principally from underground aquifers, but also from rivers and surface reservoirs, within strict limits set by the Environment Agency.

Our reliance on this valuable resource and the increasing changes in our society and environment mean we must take vital steps to conserve water and plan for secure supplies for the future. To do this we plan our water resources 25 years in advance to find the most sustainable options for providing water. Our approach is to manage customer demand for water and leakage, make better use of existing resources and identifying new resources such as reservoirs.