Arlington Reservoir is set in 120 acres of spectacular and Arlington Reservoir 1 (153 x 154).jpgbeautiful landscape near Berwick, in East Sussex.  It is one of two reservoirs maintained by South East Water. Together, the two sites provide approximately 8% of the water supplied to our 2.1 million customers.

We have worked hard to ensure that the reservoir is a real community asset, as well as a vital source of water.

It is filled with water pumped from the River Cuckmere when river flows are high. The water is then stored in the reservoir before being treated and distributed to customers.

The reservoir, which sits below the South Downs and the Long Man of Wilmington, has been designated as a Local Nature Reserve.

It has also been classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, thanks to our extensive conservation work to improve and protect the habitats of several native species.

Arlington is a prized location for bird watchers and visitors who flock to follow the picturesque Osprey Trail. The reservoir waters are also renowned as a superb fishing facility.