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We understand the need to strike the right balance between the interests of current and future customers, of the community we serve, of the environment, of our employees and of our shareholders.

Focus on customers, strong Board leadership, high standards of governance and transparency will continue to be our guiding principles as we deliver our plan. We have developed performance commitments to ensure we comply with all our legal obligations and remains a sustainable business.


Good customer service needs to be built on strong legal and regulatory performance to provide wider confidence in the service we provide. 

We need to ensure we remain compliant with all legal and other obligations, including those around water quality, environmental management, health and safety, regulatory and financial processes. We have developed compliance outcomes that reflect those responsibilities.

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We have also developed a set of sustainability outcomes that:

  • reduce our impact on the environment
  • take a long-term view of water so that the service of the future is not compromised by decisions taken today
  • allow us to operate a financially sustainable business, which is built on a sound reputation and strong regulatory principles, so we can continue to raise the necessary funds to help deliver our investment programmes

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