Customer Challenge Group

SEW_CCG_logo _156A new feature of producing this business plan has been the formation of the independent South East Water Customer Challenge Group (CCG) which comprises regulators, customer representatives and key stakeholders.

The independently chaired group has been central in scrutinising everything we have done – from how we have developed our customer engagement plan and the individual research methods, to how we have translated this into our business plan.

In tandem with us producing this plan, the group has written its own report which sets out their view of how well we have engaged with our customers, and whether customers’ views have been adequately reflected in this plan.

More recently, the group’s work has included its Chairman, Roger Darlington, holding a webinar with customers and stakeholders to test their views around some changes we may need to make to our plan.

Watch the webinar and share your views

We have welcomed the open, positive and constructive dialogue we have had with the CCG. The group’s challenges have helped support our own aspirations to produce a strong plan for our customers.

Conclusions of the Customer Challenge Group

The CCG considers that in many areas of our business we perform well for our customers.

However, the group has drawn attention to our disappointing past record on customer complaints, because of its centrality to the customers’ experience of our service and the way customers view of us as a company. The group also considers there has been some reluctance by the Company to acknowledge this performance as publicly and frankly as it would have wished. We have acknowledged and reacted to these points and other points of challenge raised by the CCG. We believe the challenges have improved our customer and stakeholder engagement as well as aspects of our day to day operation as well.

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