Maidstone water supply update

Water supplies in Maidstone are now returning to normal, after a serious burst on a large water main in the area caused low pressure or a loss of water supplies.

South East Water’s team of experts has successfully replaced a 3 metre long section of pipework in the high street, after it burst in the early hours of Friday morning.

South East Water’s Distribution Manager, Mark Rice, said: “We were alerted to a problem in High Street, Maidstone, at 1.30am this morning (Friday 17 March) by Kent Police.  Our technicians found that a 12 inch cast iron water main had burst and worked hard to repair the pipe from the early hours of the morning.

“The new section of pipework was installed at midday, and water will be fed through the new main slowly in order to prevent further problems.  A 30 metre section of the high street has been closed to allow our teams on site to carry out the repair safely and restore the road surface.

“Our specialist technicians were able to alter the flow of water around our network of underground pipes to try and restore supplies to as many people as possible. However a small number of customers had no water or low pressure, and we apologise for the inconvenience.

“Our main priority is to get tap water supplies back on as soon as possible.”

For more information, call us on 0333000 0002. 

Completed repair

Photo above - the new section of water main in High Street, Maidstone

Photo below - the damaged pipework before the repair

Damaged Water Main