Making Every Drop Count – saving litres with meters
08 September 2017

A water butt filled with goodies is up for grabs in a giveaway by South East Water to mark water metering reaching Ashford.

The winner of the free prize draw will receive Molton Brown products, deluxe gardening goods and some great water saving devices – as well as the water butt itself.

South East Water’s Customer Metering Programme is due to reach Ashford and the surrounding areas this autumn. The company will install 14,500 water meters in homes across the town as part of its long-term plans to cut water use and secure supplies for the future.

Oluseyi Onifade, South East Water’s Metering Manager said: “One of the advantages of having a water meter is customers have more control over how much they pay for their water. The less water used, the lower the bill, so it’s a much fairer way to pay.”

Water metering began in Kent in 2011. The programme has been progressing through the county on a street by street basis and by 2020 the company expects 90 per cent of households will have one fitted.

Oluseyi continued: “Research has found customers with a water meter use 15 per cent less water than those who are unmetered as it encourages people to think about how much water they use.
“They also help identify leaks because high meter readings could indicate a leak which would not otherwise be detected.”

South East Water’s Customer Metering Team will be at the County Square Shopping Centre, Ashford on Thursday 28 September from 10am to 3pm to answer questions about water metering and where customers can be entered into the prize draw to win the water butt and other prizes.