Scheme updates

Friday 21 July

Works have slowed slightly over the last few weeks, this is because we have been awaiting approval from the gas company before laying new pipe over a high pressure gas main.

Although there has been some delay we are still ahead of programme and are currently working on phase seven of the scheme.

The road remains closed for the safety of road users and our workforce and we’d like to thank residents for their ongoing patience and cooperation.

Friday 16 June

Our works are still progressing well and to date we have successfully laid around 1600 metres of new water main.

Phase four and five of our scheme are complete and we are now working on phase six of the scheme, which involves laying our new pipeline over an existing gas main.

We are currently still ahead of our original programme and the road remains closed for the safety of road users, residents and our workforce.

Wednesday 24 May

We continue to make very good progress and to date we’ve successfully laid more than 1450 metres of water main and are more than halfway through the scheme.
Currently we are laying new pipeline at an average of 150 metres per week and are now into phase four of the programme.
The road remains closed for the safety of road users, residents and our workforce. 

Friday 12 May

We have now successfully installed more than 1400 metres of new water main and our road closure has moved to the southern side of the horse and carriage park on Battenhurst Road.

We are currently working on phase three of our scheme while the pipeline laid in phase two of or works is being tested ready to be commissioned.

Friday 28 April 

Work on the scheme is progressing very well and we are currently ahead of schedule.

To date we have laid more than 1250 metres of new pipe, with approximately 950 metres left to go.

Construction work is being carried out in phases, with the road being returned to its original state upon completion of one section before the working area moves along to the next stage.

As a safety precaution for pedestrians, motorists and our contractor a rolling road closure reamains in place on Shrub Lane and Battenhurst Road along with a signed diversion route, as agreed with the highways authority.

Access to homes and businesses is being maintained at all times.

Due to the nature and length of the road closure there may appear, at times, to be no activity on site. However, please be assured that our contactors are working further up the road away from the road closure signs and barriers.

Friday 21 April

Work is progressing well and to date we have successfully laid 1125 metres of new pipeline along Shrub Lane and Battenhurst Road. 

We are now on track to complete phase two of the project slightly ahead of schedule in May.

Wednesday 29 March

Phase one of the scheme is now complete and tests are being carried out before the new section of pipe is connected to the water network

When these have been done we will need to backfill the large excavation with foam concrete. We anticipate that this will take place on Monday 3 April. This section of road can then be tarmacked and reopened as our work, and rolling road closure, continues further along Battenhurst Road.

There will be some activity on site over the weekend while we work on a new connection and we hope this will be completed by Tuesday 4 April.

Phase two of the scheme is now well underway and to date we have successfully laid 700 metres of new pipeline.

Wednesday 01 March
We are continuing to make good progress with the scheme and as of this week we have successfully installed 264 metres of new water main along Shrub Lane.
We are remain on track to complete phase one of the project by 23 March.

Shrub lane 2

Shrub lane 3

Wednesday 22 February 2017

We are making good progress with the scheme and to date we have successfully installed 230 metres of new water main north of the level crossing.

This week we’ve returned back to the level crossing to excavate for the connection which is planned for the beginning of March, following this we will return to laying the new main.

We are currently on schedule with phase one of the project.