Lindfield - Connecting and extending the new £1m water main

In May 2014 work to complete the installation of a new water main between the upper end of the High Street, Lindfield and the Park Lane junction on the B2028 was put on hold until new dates had been agreed with West Sussex Highways.

This was due to the original project running beyond its planned timeframe because of unforeseen difficulties encountered in laying the new pipeline, particularly due to excavating through solid rock and the number of utility pipes and cables within the road.

A new programme of work has now been agreed with the highways authority commencing on Monday 24 April, 2017, for approximately six weeks.

What is involved and when and where will the work take place?

The programme will involve the temporary closure of the B2028 at the top end of the High Street outside Lindfield Place for approximately four weeks, closing the road to through traffic, to enable the completion of outstanding work to connect and test the new large diameter drinking water main that is already laid but not yet operational.

While the road is closed at Lindfield Place, separate work will be underway at Buxshalls Hill, near the Park Lane junction north of the village, where 100 metres of new water main will be laid under two way traffic lights controlling traffic flowing to and from the northernmost part of High Street as far as the closed roadworks area.

A further 20 metres of new water main will then be laid in Park Lane with traffic lights controlling the Park Lane and Ardingly Road junction

Once the High Street  is re-opened on approximately 20 May, it will be subject to two way traffic light control between all Saints Church and Church House for a further two weeks to enable final connections to be made.

Planned completion date for the project is Tuesday 6 June, before the South of England Show at Ardingly. A later phase, not yet finalised, will involve extending the new water main further along Park Lane and across private land to Stonecross Lane.

Access to homes and businesses will be maintained throughout the programme and our contractors will work closely with residents to minimise inconvenience.

Why does the High Street have to be closed?

A temporary road closure is necessary because the carriageway is too narrow to enable both construction work and through traffic. This is for the safety of road users and construction workers.

Diversion Route

We apologise for the length of the diversion but we are required to offer a B road alternative diversion route when a B road like High Street, Lindfield, is closed in such circumstances.

Diversion route map