Highwoods – Important information for visitors to the woods
17 January 2017

The car park will be closed from Monday 30 January to Tuesday 7 February.

We know Highwoods is a special place many people enjoy, but South East Water has some essential maintenance to do on its underground pipes.

This work has to be carried out so we can detect bursts and leaks on the network and fix them quickly. To do so safely, we have no alternative than to close this car park for one week.

We’re doing this work in winter when Highwoods has fewer visitors and there is less wildlife and plants to disturb.

Our expert environmental team has carried out surveys to make sure we look after the animals, trees and vegetation while we carry out the work.
We are sorry for the inconvenience and will complete this as quickly as possible to get the car park open again.

What is the work?
It is part of ongoing maintenance of our underground pipelines and will help us to better monitor the water that flows around our network.

These meters will be able to show us lots of information, including pressure levels and water consumption in an area. But most importantly they will show instantly if there is a large burst on one of our pipes enabling our repair crews to react instantly.

Where will the meters be put?
This work will be taking place at the entrance to the car park at Highwoods.

How will you do the work?
Small pits are dug in the ground and the meters installed onto the existing pipework. Once the meter has been installed we will return area back to its original state.

When will you be working?
The work is due to start on Monday 30 January and finish by Tuesday 7 February. However, our contractor will try to reopen the car park as quickly as possible.

The work will take place during normal working hours, however there may be some activities at weekends.