Bexhill North - flushing to protect water quality
16 February 2017

Work is being carried out to clean water mains in Bexhill to safeguard the quality of drinking water.
It is part of maintenance on South East Water’s underground mains.

What is flushing?
Flushing allows naturally occurring harmless deposits inside the network – such as iron or manganese – to be removed.  While these naturally-occurring deposits are not harmful, they can temporarily discolour the water.

Why do we use this method?
Flushing the water mains from the start to finish of the network – from service reservoirs, which store fully treated drinking water, to the point at which it supplies customers – is a very effective way of cleaning the inside of water mains.

How is flushing carried out?
Flushing involves directing water through the pipes quickly to draw the sediment deposits –out of the network.
 Once the water reaches its journey’s end, the flushed water containing these deposits is directed into the drains.

Is flushing the only way it can be done?
We are careful to only use the amount of water needed to clean the pipes and flushing stops as soon as the whole system is running clear and flushing stops once the whole system is running crystal clear as usual.
Will flushing affect my water supply?
During the flushing process customers may notice a reduction in water pressure, and possibly some discolouration, but this is temporary and can be solved by running the kitchen tap until the water runs clear.


From Thursday 23 February to Friday 24 February:
Calgary Road
Clinch Green Avenue
Edmonton Road
The Highlands
Mount Idol View
Paton Road 
Reynolds Drive
Turkey Road

From Monday 27 February to Friday 3 March
Alder Gardens
Bancroft Road
Bargate Close
Bidwell Avenue
Birch View
Bodle Crescent
Buxton Drive
Calgary Road
Canada Way
Chichester Close
Dalehurst Road
Daresbury Close
Deans Close
Down Road
Edmonton Road
Elm Close
Elva Way
Gatelands Drive
Gordon Place
Grange Court Drive
Gunters Lane
Hazel Grove
Hillcrest Avenue
Holliers Hil
Lewes Close
Little Common Road
Mill View Road
Newlands Avenue
Ninfield Road
Oakwood Avenue
Old Farm Road
Old Mill Park
Pembury Grove
Plemont Gardens
Poplar Close
Scholars Walk
Southlands Road
Turkey Road
West Down Road
Whitehouse Avenue
Windmill Drive
Woodsgate Park

From Monday 6 March to Friday 10 March:
Broad View
Bidwell Avenue
Chichester Close
Cranford Drive
Dalment Road
Danecourt Close
Daresbury Close
Deans Close
Ellerslie Lane
The Fairway
Glenleigh Avenue
Glenleigh Park Road
Gordon Place
Hever Crescent
Holliers Hill
Homelands Close
Kenton Close
Lewes Close
Little Common Road
Old Farm Road
Pledmont Gardens
Roedean Close
Summer Hill Road
Uplands Close
Ward Way
Warwick Road
Windmill Drive

Monday 13 March to Friday 17 March:
Bale Close  
Birk Dale
Blackfields Avenue
Brampton Avenue
Broadoak Lane
Bushy Croft
Byfields Croft
Concorde Close 
Courthope Drive
Cranleigh Close
Cranston Avenue
Cranston Close
Cranston Rise  
Duke Street  
Fowlers Close
Fryatts Way
Harewood Close
Knebworth Road
Leasingham Gardens
Little Common Road  
Millham Close
Primrose Hill
Quebec Close
Riders Bolt  
St Francis Chase
Salvington Crescent
Sussex Close
Sutherland Avenue
Sutherland Close
Thornbank Crescent
Warwick Road  

From Monday 20 March to Friday 24 March:
Alexander Drive
Collington Avenue
Collington Grove
Collington Lane
Collington Rise
Cranston Avenue
Cranston Rise
Eden Drive
Fairfield Chase
The Grove
Hillborough Close
Little Common Road
The Mead
The Ridings
Robin Hill
St Mary’s Lane
Walton Park
Whitehill Avenue
White Hill Drive
Winston Drive

From Monday 27 March to Friday 31 March:
Ashby Close
Blackmill Close
Camperdown Street
Clinch Green Avenue
Davis Close
The Highlands
Jubilee Road
Ninfield Road
Pankhurst Rise
The Ridings
St Mary’s Lane
Southlands Avenue