Weekly update

Update 11 October 2016

All the pipework has now been installed and, subject to successful testing, will be connected up next week. The site is expected to be cleared of all works by Friday 21 October.

Update 28 September 2016

The scheme is more than 50 per cent complete with less than 60 metres still to go. The second work area was due to be reinstated on 26 September. The target completion date is now 28 October (from 14 October) and current parking restrictions will be extended by a fortnight to take account of the longer timeframe. Residents’ cooperation over parking is much appreciated.

Update 16 September 2016

Due to the busy nature of the road our works have proved to be slightly trickier than anticipated. We have however installed 42 metres of pipe out of a total 160 metres. We are aiming to resurface some of the ground behind our works by the beginning of next week (19 September), which will free up a few of the currently suspended parking spaces.

 Update 06 September 2016

Work commenced last Thursday and we'd like to record our thanks to residents and motorists for their cooperation with the parking restrictions which have enabled the work to go ahead.