Tunbridge Wells - flushing to protect water quality
31 July 2017

Work is being carried out to clean water mains in Tunbridge Wells to safeguard the quality of drinking water.

Affected post code sectors include: TN1 2;TN2 3; TN2 4; TN2 5; TN3 9 and TN4 8.

It is part of maintenance on South East Water’s underground mains.

What is flushing?
Flushing allows naturally occurring harmless deposits inside the network – such as iron or manganese – to be removed.  While these naturally-occurring deposits are not harmful, they can temporarily discolour the water.

Why do we use this method?
Flushing the water mains from the start to finish of the network – from service reservoirs, which store fully treated drinking water, to the point at which it supplies customers – is a very effective way of cleaning the inside of water mains.

How is flushing carried out?
Flushing involves directing water through the pipes quickly to draw the sediment deposits –out of the network. Once the water reaches its journey’s end, the flushed water containing these deposits is directed into the drains. We are careful to only use the amount of water needed to clean the pipes and flushing stops as soon as the whole system is running clear.

Will flushing affect my water supply?
During the flushing process customers may notice a reduction in water pressure, and possibly some discolouration, but this is temporary and can be solved by running the kitchen tap until the water runs clear.

Flushing will take place Monday 7 August for approximately five weeks in the following areas:

Week 1 – from Monday 7 August
Bracken Close
Bracken Road
Coneyburrow Road
Dunorlan Mews
Fairmile Road
Gorse Road
Pembury Road
Sandhurst Road
Sherwood Road
Sherwood Way
Squirrel Way

Week 2 – from Monday 14 August
Addison Road
Albany Hill
Andrews Close
Beech Court
Brendon Close
Calverley Park Gardens
Cedar Ridge
Chiltern Walk
College Drive
Concord Close
Dell Drive
Fairfield Avenue
Ferndale Close
Grampian Close
Hall's Hole Road
Henley Close
Hilbert Close
Hilbert Road
Humboldt Court
Lipscombe Road
Mendip Walk
Montacute Road
Pembury Road
Pennine Walk
Pinewood Road
Quantock Close
Queripel Close
Ravenswood Avenue
Sandhurst Road
Sandrock Road
Shandon Close
Shandon Road
Shrublands Court
Talbot Park
Temple Way
Tetley Mews
The Beeches
Willicombe Park

Week 3 – from Monday 21 August
Banner Farm Road
Bayhall Road
Beech Close
Benhall Mill Road
Boundary Road
Bucklers Close
Cambridge Gardens
Cambridge Street
Camden Hill
Camden Park
Camster Camden Park
Chester Avenue
Chieveley Drive
Church Road
Cleeve Avenue
Cromwell Road
Dorset Road
Dunloran Mews
Forest Road
Forest Way
George Street
Hall's Hole Road
Hawkenbury Close
Hawkenbury Mead
Hawkenbury Road
High Woods Lane
Kingswood Close
Kingswood Road
Lambourn Way
Maryland Road
Napier Road
Nelson Road
North Street
Oakfield Court Road
Park Drive
Park Street
Pembury Road
Polesden Road
Prince's Street
Prospect Road
Rookley Close
Roundhill Road
Shepherds Walk
Sherborne Close
St Peter's Street
Teise Close
The Chase
The Shaw
Trinity Close
Westbrook Terrace
Whybourne Crest
Windmill Street

Week 4 - from Monday 28 August
Acer Avenue
Ash Close
Bayham Road
Bells Yew Green
Benhall Mill Road
Birling Drive
Birling Park Avenue
Birling Road
Broad Grove
Chieveley Drive
Cypress Grove
Dukes Drive
Elphicks Place
Forest Road
Frant Road
Maple Gardens
Nevill Gate
Nobles Green
Nobles Wood
Old Gardens Close
Richmond Place
Tangier Lane
The Drive
Wallace Close
Warwick Park
Wybourne Rise

Week 5 - from Monday 4 September
Broad Grove
Broadwater Lane
Broadwater Rise
Chenies Close
Eridge Park
Eridge Road
Frant Road
Glenmore Park
Hargate Close
Kentish Gardens
Moat Farm
Priory Farm
St George's Park
St Mark's Road
Strawberry Close