Tonbridge Water Treatment Works to New Wharf Road
16 December 2016

Why are we doing this work?

To ensure our customers in the area continur to enjoy top quality tap water, we will be installing a new pipeline at our Tonbridge Water Treatment Works.

This new pipeline will improve the output of drinking water as well as giving us greater flexibility to move large volumes of water around our network to ensure we can get water to where it’s needed most.

Where are we working?

The pipeline will be installed in the grounds of the water treatment works using open cut techniques. However, when it reaches New Wharf Road, one lane will need to be closed while connections are being made to existing water pipes.

Access to the nearby leisure centre and playing fields will be maintained at all times.

When will the work take place?

Construction is planned to start on Monday 6 February 2017 and the project is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Work will take place during normal working hours, although there may be some activities at weekends and at night.