Alton - improving the water network
30 November 2016

*Update 21 September 2017

We have now laid the new main along the A339 Whitedown Lane section and have moved into the old section of Whitedown Lane where it merges into Highridge. The crew on site will be tarmacing the last section laid and expect to remove the traffic lights by next Tuesday.

The new main being laid on the old section of Whitedown Lane will be laid past the junction with Kings Road with traffic lights in place until this work is complete. We expect to be here for a couple of weeks.

When we have laid this section of pipe, we will be moving to Caker Lane to lay a 70-metre section of pipe. This work will take place between Monday 2 October and Friday 20 October.

For the safety of pedestrians, motorists and our contractor, Caker Lane will be temporarily closed while this work takes place. We are currently finalising a diversion route which will be in place during this work and will keep you updated on this page.

We will then return to the A339 Whitedown Lane to connect the new pipeline to our existing network at the junction with Chawton Park Road. Temporary traffic lights will be needed to complete the work here.

Once our connection work is completed along Whitedown Lane, we will then complete our work on the old section of Whitedown Lane at the junction with Kings Road. While this work takes place, we will need to temporarily close this section of old Whitedown Lane.

This is the only way we can keep pedestrians, motorists and our contractor safe due to the space needed for this work. However our contractor will be working extended hours to complete this work as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated on the planned dates for these final pieces of work and will keep our map updated. Thank you to local residents and motorists for your ongoing patience and cooperation.

Why are we doing this work?

To ensure our customers in Alton continue to enjoy top quality tap water, South East Water will be laying a new water main in the area.

Work on the important £1.4million scheme, approximately 3,000 metres in length, will begin on Monday 30 January 2017 and the project is expected to be completed by February 2018.

Although a section of the pipe will be laid in the road, the majority of the pipe will be laid through private fields.

Where are we working?

Work to install the new water main will take place along the A339 Selborne Road, Butts Road, The Butts and A339 Whitedown Lane before continuing in private land.

Construction works will be carried out in stages with the road being returned to its original state upon completion of one section. The working area will then move along to the next section.

As a safety precaution for pedestrians, motorists and our contractor, we will need to use traffic management along the following roads:

Temporary lane closure along A339 Selborne Road

Temporary traffic lights on the double roundabout

Temporary traffic lights along Butts Road

 Temporary road closure along The Butts

Temporary traffic lights along A339 Whitedown Lane

However, please be assured that access to homes and businesses will be maintained at all times.

Work will take place during normal office hours however some work may also take place at weekends.

A detailed map showing expected construction dates along each section of the road can be viewed by clicking on the map below.

Map with estimated dates