Opladen Way, Bracknell

Update 6 October 2017

Our road closure along Harmans Water Road will be lifted by the end of today. We would like to thank local residents and motorists for your patience while we carried out this important project to lay a new pipeline in Opladen Way and Harmans Water Road.

You will see us in the area until the end of October while we pressure test the new main and commission the new pipeline. We will also be carrying out work to reinstate the area.

Why are we doing this work?

To ensure our customers in the area continue to enjoy top quality and reliable tap water, South East Water will be laying a new water main in Nightingale Crescent and Opladen Way, Bracknell.

The £450,000 scheme will allow South East Water to move large volumes of water around the underground network of pipes to ensure water gets to where it is needed most.

Advanced work on the project will begin on Monday 24 October before work begins to lay the new pipe in Nightingale Crescent from Monday 21 November.

The scheme is expected to be completed in September 2017.

Where are we working?

The scheme will see a 1.4 kilometre section of new pipe laid along a section of Nightingale Crescent before our workforce crosses the roundabout and begins to lay the new pipeline along Opladen Way up to the junction with Helmsdale.

To ensure the safety of the public and our contractor while the new pipe is laid, we will need to close Opladen Way during the project.

Construction works will be carried out in stages with the road being returned to its original state before the working area moves along to the next stage.

Map showing route of pipe

Opladen Way map showing estimated dates

Opladen Way bus diversion map

Opladen Way bus poster

Opladen Way leaflet