Project updates

Update 26 June 2017

We have now completed sections one and two out of the three required to cross Gate 2 of the Waitrose distribution centre.

Progress has been slow and we laid around nine metres of new pipework last week.

We will look to commence the final section of the gate crossing from Monday 26 June, but in the meantime the gang on site will progress with laying additional pipework in Peacock Lane.

We hope to complete the crossing by Wednesday 28 June.

To help aid traffic movements between the Waitrose gates, traffic signals will be in place until the crossing is complete.

We hope to have laid all of the new water main from Peacock Lane to just after Gate 2 by the end of this week.

To date we have laid around 455 metres of new pipework. Hopefully, once we pass this complicated section outside the Waitrose distribution centre's main gates, we will be able to progress works more steadily.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and cooperation. 
Update 9 June 2017

We have now reached Gate 2 of the Waitrose Distribution Centre. We have split this area of work into three sections to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

We expect this crossing to take around three weeks to complete but the gang on site will be working as hard as they can to get this completed sooner.

This section of work is complex due to regular heavy vehicle movements which means that only 20 metres of pipe has been laid this week on one section of the gate crossing.

We expect to complete reinstatement work on this tomorrow so we can move along to section of the crossing. We hope to complete this section by the end of next week.

Update 26 May 2017

This week the gang on site has dug the ground up to Waitrose Gate 1 and they are now laying the pipe in this section.

We expect to reach Gate 1 by tomorrow. The first 80 metres from the roundabout towards the gate will be reinstated today and tomorrow ready for the bank holiday.

After the bank holiday, the gang on site will reinstate the remaining 20 metres up to the gate before moving back to Peacock Lane to finish the last 40 metres of this section before the new main is tested.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and cooperation.

Update 22 May 2017

Last week we continued to work through the roundabout and the full-one way traffic management system was set up. The gang on site has dug up a 40 metre length trench and has started laying the new pipe here.

This week we will continue to work in our current location and we will be looking to excavate up to Gate 1 at Waitrose. From here, the gang will move back into Peacock Lane to start setting up the installed pipework to be tested and commissioned.

Update 16 May 2017

We have now laid 422 metres of new pipeline along Doncastle Road.

Our traffic management has now been changed to the full one-way system and this week we are hoping to lay another 50 metres of pipe.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and co-operation.

Update 4 May 2017

This week the gang on site has set up the traffic management for the second phase of our work across the northbound roundabout exit from Doncastle Road.

A section of main has been laid over the first half of the roundabout and this will be completed this week.

Next week the lane closure will move to the southbound exit onto Doncastle Road and work to lay the new main will continue over to the far side of this roundabout from Monday. We expect this work to be complete on Friday 13 May.

To date we have laid 382 metres of new water main.

Update 26 April 2017

Work is progressing well and the team on site is now starting to lay the water main in Peacock Lane.

From Tuesday 2 May we will be implementing the second phase of our traffic management which will require a lane closure on the northbound exit of the roundabout off Doncastle Road leading to Berkshire Way.

Once this section of pipework has been laid, we will then introduce the third phase of our traffic management to close the southbound entry from Berkshire Way to Doncastle Road. The northbound lane will be reopened at this time.

Once the roundabout crossing is complete, we will look to implement the final phase of our traffic management which will be a full one-way system around Doncastle Road.

We anticipate that we will be at this stage in three weeks’ time, depending on site conditions encountered as we progress.

Doncastle Road - phase two map

Update 13 April 2017

We have now installed 302 metres of the new pipework and we have reached the roundabout at the slip road leading to the A329.

We are currently laying our new pipe in Peacock Lane and are working towards Doncastle Road to connect to the pipework laid there.

Our current traffic management will remain in place over the Easter weekend and our gang will be working tomorrow (Friday 14 April).

We expect to change the traffic management in place from the week commencing 1 May as we work through the roundabout and along the eastern section of Doncastle Road.

Update 10 April 2017

Our works still remain near to the entrance with Daler-Rowney and we expect to still be in this area this week. With the additional pipe laid last week, we have now laid 260 metres of pipe in total so far.

We expect to carry out a large scale survey of the utilities in the area over the next couple of weeks as the gang on site are coming across a number of unknown utilities in the area.

Update 4 April 2017

We are currently working near to the entrance with Daler-Rowney and works are progressing well. To date we have laid 155 metres of new pipe.

We are currently looking to carry out a large scale survey of all utilities in the area. This is due to our contractors coming across numerous unchartered utilities within the road.

Update 10 March 2017

Work along Doncastle Road is progressing well and we are near to the entrance with Daler-Rowney. To date, 96 metres have been laid and we expect another 48 metres to be laid over the weekend.

We are expecting a delivery of concrete at the weekend to allow us to start reinstating the road next week before we move onto the next section.