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  • What are the benefits of having a water meter?

    Water meters are the fairest way to pay, as you only pay for the water you actually use. Meters are also really important to help secure future water supplies as they encourage people to use water wisely, and the usage data we collect helps us identi

  • When will my meter be installed?

    We're aiming to install meters in the majority of homes by 2020.In 2017 our Customer Metering Programme will continue on a street-by-street basis installing water meters for all customers, where possible. If you are in the following areas you will mo

  • How do I request a water meter?

    We're aiming to install water meters for the majority of our customers between now and 2020 to help protect future water supplies.In 2017 our Customer Metering Programme will continue on a street-by-street basis installing water meters for all custom

  • What happens after I apply for a meter?

    After you've applied for a water meter using our online application form, we will arrange to survey your property to check if a meter can be fitted. If a meter can be fitted, we guarantee to complete the installation within three months of receiving

  • What if I can't have a meter?

    It may not be practical for us to fit a meter at your property. This may be because the pipework at your property is complex or because there isn’t a suitable location. In these circumstances we will inform you that we have been unable to fit the met

  • How do I take a meter reading?

    The meter we install looks like this: Each meter has a unique serial number, which is printed on the meter casing just above the meter dials. This serial number also appears on your bill to identify and confirm which meter has been used to calculate

  • How often will you read my meter?

    We aim to take two meter readings per year. However, you can submit your own meter reading online here at any time. 

  • When will I receive my metered bill?

    You will receive your first bill within the first six months of your meter being fitted. We will then send bills twice a year.

  • Who is responsible for the meter?

    We are responsible for your meter, its maintenance and immediate fittings. We will repair or replace it free of charge if problems occur due to fair wear and tear. You should not remove it yourself and it is an offence to interfere with a meter or ca

  • What do I do if I think the meter is inaccurate?

    Our water meters are highly accurate mechanical devices, and are manufactured and tested to a British Standard specification. If you think your meter is not recording accurately, please contact us. High readings can be a sign that there is a leak, or

Results 1 - 10 of 11 1 2