What consultation did you do before implementing One Bill?

The south east of England is unique as we are the only area in England and Wales where customers receive separate bills for their water and wastewater services, so customers moving into the area, as well as many long term customers, have found this confusing.

Within the water industry, we review plans every five years. Research on our last review identified that about 75% of customers either agreed or strongly agreed that having a single bill with combined water and wastewater charges would be preferred – and we agreed to seriously consider this as an option. We’ve also found this to be in line with the anecdotal evidence from our front line teams who say that this has been one of the top issues for our customers. 

We’ve therefore worked with Southern Water to make One Bill possible in order to deliver on what customers want. We’re confident that this change will be helpful to all customers who currently have needed to transact with both companies, mainly on issues when they move house, have a query on their consumption or want to make a payment.