What’s going to happen to my payment plan?

Once you receive your first One Bill, payments will be joined to form a single payment plan that you will pay to South East Water. If you pay us monthly, depending on how you paid Southern Water, we will either combine your former instalment amounts together, or estimate your wastewater monthly cost based on how much you pay for your water, to make the move onto One Bill as simple as possible.

Once you have your One Bill, all future payments should be made to South East Water, but please continue to make your payments to Southern Water until we have sent you your first One Bill.

If you pay South East Water by Direct Debit, we’ll take care of everything. We’ll confirm your new payment amounts and dates, in accordance with the Direct Debit guarantee, and Southern Water will automatically cancel their Direct Debit arrangement with your bank - you won’t need to do anything.

If you wish to make any changes to your payment plan, we’re here to help so just get in touch by calling us on 0333 000 1122.