One Bill

Many customers have told us of their frustration with getting a bill from South East Water for their household drinking water, and another one from Southern Water for their wastewater services.

So we’re really pleased to be teaming up with Southern Water to launch “One Bill” - a single bill from South East Water that will also include Southern Water’s charges too.

Designed to make things simpler for our shared customers, One Bill will mean in future you will only need to contact one company - South East Water - to make payments for both of the services you receive!

We’re aiming to give customers a ‘five out of five’ service in everything we do and hope you really like your new One Bill.  


One Bill - All Questions
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  • What do I need to do next?

    We'll work with Southern Water so you don’t need to do anything at all. In future, your One Bill from South East Water bill will also include your wastewater charges from Southern Water, which means one household bill for both services. 

  • When will One Bill happen?

    On your next bill from South East Water - we will simply add Southern Water’s wastewater charges so you don’t need to do anything. Customers paying by meter will be the first to see their One Bill, with unmetered customers following early next year.

  • Why is One Bill happening?

    Customers have told us that separate bills for water and wastewater services is frustrating, and we’re providing One Bill to make buying your water and wastewater services much simpler. With One Bill, there’s just one company to get in touch with if

  • What will happen to my Southern Water account?

    When we send you your new One Bill, your Southern Water account will be closed, but they will keep a record of your previous charges and payments for information. 

  • How have you merged the South East Water and Southern Water accounts?

    In order to merge our records and create your One Bill, we have worked with Southern Water to match our customer records. We’ve followed an agreed approach to ensure we are billing the same customer, which in some cases will have resulted in the corr

  • What happens if I had a balance to pay on my account with Southern Water?

    In most cases, any balance will show on your first One Bill. If it isn’t possible for the balance to be moved to your One Bill, for example when customer details haven’t been matched or there is outstanding court action, then Southern Water will cont

  • What happens if my account is in credit with Southern Water account?

    Any credit balance on your Southern Water account will transfer to your new One Bill, and will show on your first bill from South East Water.

  • What happens if I make a payment to Southern water after they have closed my account?

    If you make a payment to Southern Water after your account has been closed, this will be automatically forwarded to South East Water, and will show on your next One Bill. You won’t need to do anything. 

  • What’s going to happen to my payment plan?

    Once you receive your first One Bill, payments will be combined in a single payment plan that you will pay to South East Water. Once you have your One Bill, all future payments should be made to South East Water, but please continue to make your paym

  • What if I pay by Standing Order?

    If you pay by Standing Order, you will need to contact your bank to notify them of the new combined payment amount to South East Water, and cancel any standing orders with Southern Water. 

Results 1 - 10 of 18 1 2