Bursts and leaks

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  • How do I report a leak/burst?

    The easiest way to report a leak is by filling in our online form.Alternatively, you can call our Leakline number on 0333 000 3330, which is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm and Saturday, 8am to 1pm.In an emergency, please call us on 0333 00 00 365.

  • Which leak repairs are my responsibility?

    The water mains and pipes in public roads and footpaths (called the ‘public highway’) are our responsibility. Pipes not in the public highway are normally your responsibility.There is usually an underground stop tap at the boundary of your property i

  • Will I have to pay for repairs to my service pipe?

    The service pipe from the external stop tap or water meter, which takes water into your house, is your responsibility.However, if you think you have a leak on your supply pipe, we will help you look for it. Please call us on 0333 000 0002. Lines are

  • What should I do if my pipes freeze?

    If your pipes have frozen, please follow these instructions: Turn off the water supply at the internal stop tap - this is usually located under the kitchen sink or in the downstairs cloakroom     Check to see if the pipe has burst Open the affected

  • How can I protect against burst pipes?

    Insulating pipes against spells of icy weather can help prevent burst pipes, which can cause misery if water damages your home and furniture.  Our top tips to protect against burst pipes are: Check you know where your internal stop tap is located -

Results 1 - 5 of 5