Water Resources Management Plan 2014


In June 2014, with approval from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), we published our Water Resource Management Plan, setting out what we will need to do, where, and by when, to meet the future need for water from people, businesses and also the environment.

We asked for customers’ views while we developed our plans and thank everyone who took part in the consultation process.

Customers overwhelmingly supported our proposals to reduce demand for water, such as through our water efficiency, on-going customer metering and leakage reduction programmes.

In deciding how much extra water will be needed for our 2.1 million consumers, we looked at expected growth in the population over the next 25 years and water demand as well as taking rainfall trends and climate change into account.

Between 2015 – 2020 we will carry out feasibility studies on the following long term schemes to ensure future water supplies:

  • Aylesford water re-use, River Medway, Kent
  • A new storage reservoir at Broad Oak near Canterbury, Kent
  • Water re-use in the River Ouse in Sussex
  • An extension of the current Arlington Reservoir in Sussex

Find out more:

Summary of our Water Resources Management Plan (Infographic)

Summary of our Water Resources Management Plan (PDF)