What we do

At South East Water we have two main priorities – meeting the needs of our customers today, while investing to ensure we can go on meeting those needs into the future.

To supply today’s customers, we draw water from more than 250 boreholes, six rivers and six reservoirs, and this water is treated at one of our 93 treatment works.

When we are satisfied that the water quality meets the most exacting standards, we pump approximately 540 million litres into 880,000 thousands properties, through more than 14,500 kilometres of mains.

To maintain such a vast – and vital – service, our business can never stand still. We are investing more than £390 million between 2010 and 2015 to develop new resources, extend and upgrade treatment works and lay new water mains.

Such an extensive investment programme will allow us to tap into more water supplies, treat more water, and extend our regional water grid to move water around more easily to drier areas.

That is what we do - run our business efficiently for today’s customers, and prepare to perform even more effectively in the future.