Our structure


Hastings Funds Management Limited manages 100 per cent of the equity in South East Water on behalf of: 

  • UTA is an Australian infrastructure fund and its owners are principally pensioners in the state of Victoria, Australia
  • Desjardins and other managed clients - Desjardins is a Canadian cooperatrive financial group


Shareholders Tree


  • The long company ownership chain is the result of a series of acquisitions the company has experienced

Roles of group companies

  • South East Water is the main operating company
  • South East Water (Finance) is the company that holds most of the debt raised by the group. It is registered in the Cayman Islands for historic company law reasons but it is resident in the UK for tax purposes
  • South East Water (Holdings) role is to ringfence the operating company beneath it from any financial difficulties in the companies higher up the ownership chain
  • Hastings Luxembourg Water S.a.r.l. is registered in Luxembourg and borrows money from banks and shareholders and passes on the proceeds to companies within the group structure