Customer Panel

In April 2015, South East Water embarked on the delivery of a five-year Business Plan agreed with the industry regulator, Ofwat.

Our plan was developed after extensive consultation to ensure that our operations and our investment were targeted in the areas our customers told us were their greatest priority.         


The way we consulted with customers, and the subsequent development of our proposals, were constructively challenged throughout by an Independent Customer Challenge Group, and we firmly believe that they were stronger for this.

A Customer Panel has now been established to continue this challenge as we move to deliver on the commitments we have made.

Independently chaired by Roger Darlington, pictured, who also chaired the Customer Challenge Group, the Customer Panel will monitor our performance against the outcomes agreed in the final Business Plan and engage with us while challenging other business-as-usual activities.

Roger Darlington, who has more than 30 years’ experience in regulated utilities including telecommunications, postal, gas and electricity industries, said: “Over a three year period, the Customer Challenge Group engaged constructively with South East Water to ensure that the Business Plan for 2015-2020 offered a really good deal for customers. Now that the Business Plan has been approved by the regulator Ofwat, the new Customer Panel will monitor closely how the company delivers on the ambitious performance measures that have been agreed to ensure that customers are at the heart of all the company's operations

Paul Butler, Managing Director of South East Water, said: “Our Business Plan has our customers at its heart so they continue to be our first thought when making operational and investment decisions. The Customer Panel will be a valued contributor to our continuing focus on delivering a drinking water service that remains consistently high-quality, sustainable, and value-for-money."

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