Your drinking water - taste and smell

You may occasionally become aware of the taste or smell of your drinking water.


How do we measure up?

In 2016-17, we had 4.6 customers contact us about the taste and smell of water per 10,000 population. This is an improvement on the 5.39 customers the previous year.

The majority of contacts relate to the presence of chlorine within the water which people may sometimes notice. We add chlorine to disinfect the water and protect it from bacteria on its journey through our mains network. 

We have been working hard to reduce the number of contacts we receive, through improvements to our treatment processes, without compromising the microbiological quality of the water.

We have seen a year on year reduction in the overall number of customers contacting us over the period 2013-16.

Top tip!

If you can smell or taste chlorine, try filling a jug with water and keep it in the fridge. You should find the chlorine taste will go leaving you with a fresh cool jug of water for the morning.