Water to your tap - water pressure

You should expect the water to arrive at your home under a certain pressure so it then flows well from the tap. There is a minimum standard on pressure that water companies have to reach, but this is not always possible.



How do we measure up?

We supply water to more than 900,000 properties across the South East.

In 2016-17, we have 49 properties that are at risk of low pressure.

We continue to invest in schemes which will reduce the number of properties at risk. We also identify properties that may become at risk of poor water pressure if demand for water increases in an area. This proactive approach aims to ensure the figure remains below our target of 60 in the future. 

Top tip!

If your water pressure is suddenly low it may be because of a burst pipe on our network. Check our website for latest information. It could also be due to a problem with your internal plumbing. If you need to call a plumber check watersafe.org.uk to find an approved plumber.