Water to your tap - loss of supply

When you turn on your tap, you expect the water to flow. You can rely on this to happen almost all the time but for various reasons your supply can be interrupted.


How do we measure up?

In 2015-16 we had 32.1 minutes average time lost per property, a significant increase on the year before which was at 8 minutes, this sadly meant we were the poorest performer during the year.

The increase was due to a major burst water main in Hailsham, East Sussex in May 2015 that took some time to rectify due to the size and depth of the pipe. 

We sent an apology letter to all affected customers and credited their accounts for the inconvenience caused. 

This one incident contributed 23 minutes to our average minutes lost per connected property. Excluding the Hailsham burst our underlying performance equates to 9.1 minutes per connected property.

We contiuously strive to improve both process and performance reporting and, exceptional incidents aside, have seen a positive performance improvement between 2013-14 (16 minutes average time lost per property) and 2015-16 (9.1). 

Top tip!

If you have no water check with a neighbour first in case it's a problem with your internal plumbing. If your neighbours have no water too check our website for information or give us a call.